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A year on the Mamma Mia island
8/6 2013 01:14

I guess the headline inspires to a big review of some kind, but it's gonna be more of a small log than a massive reflection.

First of all I can note that, what began as a promise to my old headmaster, to write a blog, started out alright, but then took quite a bit of a pause and then possibly turned into an epic fail. Sorry Leif!
The spring has gone by so incredibly quick. Well, the whole year I guess. Rehearsals, opening, understudy-rehearsals, moving-to-Novello-rehearsals, changing-Donna-rehearsals, breaking-finger, recovering, coming-back, finishing off.
It's all been wonderful! Most of all I'm grateful for having met wonderful people. Cast, crew, wardrobe, wigs, stage management, box office, front-of-house, sound; well all the departments really.

I feel very humbled and honored having been blessed with so many visits from friends and family during the year. Many people took the time to get over here to watch the show. Since I haven't been able to go to Sweden much, it's been nice to have a bit of Sweden coming to me instead. Thanks a million to each and everyone of you!
I'm also very grateful and happy for all the people who have been standing by stage door to greet us with positivity and enthusiasm. Thank you for smiles and encouragement!

Nearly 400 performances later it's time for some sleep and then the last two shows.
A year passes quickly, but this one will stay with me for a long time!

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